Herbert Lee

1961, Mississippi

Medgar Evers

1963, Mississippi

Andrew Goodman

1964, Mississippi

James Chaney

1964, Mississippi

Michael Schwerner

1964, Mississippi

Malcolm X

1965, New York

Jimmie Lee Jackson

1965, Alabama

Jonathan Myrick Daniels

1965, Alabama

Rev. James Reeb

1965, Alabama

Viola Liuzzo

1965, Alabama

Samuel Younge, Jr.

1966, Alabama

Vernon Dahmer

1966, Mississippi

Benjamin Brown

1967, Mississippi

Martin Luther King Jr

1968, Memphis, TN

Fredrick A. Hampton

1969, Chicago

Mark Clark

1969, Chicago

Ralph Featherstone

1970, Maryland

William “Che” Payne

1970, Maryland

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“Between 1961 and 1970, 18 SNCC staff and their allies were murdered while seeking to end racism and seeking social justice  We mourn the loss of our friends and comrades and draw strength from their courage.”

Herbert Lee, 1961, Mississippi

Medgar Evers, 1963, Mississippi

Andrew Goodman, 1964, Mississippi

James Chaney, 1964, Mississippi

Michael Schwerner, 1964, Mississippi

Malcolm X, 1965, New York

Jimmie Lee Jackson, 1965, Alabama

Jonathan Myrick Daniels, 1965, Alabama

Rev. James Reeb, 1965, Alabama

Viola Liuzzo, 1965, Alabama

Samuel Younge, Jr., 1966, Alabama

Vernon Dahmer, 1966, Mississippi

Benjamin Brown, 1967, Mississippi

Martin Luther King Jr, 1968, Memphis, TN

Fredrick A. Hampton, 1969, Chicago

Mark Clark, 1969, Chicago

Ralph Featherstone, 1970, Maryland

William “Che” Payne, 1970, Maryland