D.C. Oral Histories


During the summer of 2017, the Black Power Chronicles Oral History Committee, working in collaboration with other Black Power Chronicles committees, videotaped interviews of 29 significant Washington, D.C. activists, artists, political leaders from the Barry administration, and scholars who helped develop the significant institutions that defined the Black Power era in Washington, D.C. The oral history interviews were conducted at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) cable television station thanks to the collaboration arranged by Ed Jones, UDC-TV director, and Cheryl Hawkins, associate director of UDC-TV.

Frank Smith

Courtland Cox

Jennifer Lawson

Tony Gittens

Koko Barnes

Reggie Robinson

Kwame Brown

Dorie Ladner

Gladys Mack

Dr. Sylvia Hill

Dr. Acklyn Lynch

Merrick Malone

Richard “Dickie” ¬†Carter

William “Bill” Clay

Elijah Rogers

Nkenge Toure

J. Winter Nightwolf

Kojo Nnamdi

Januwa Moja

Black Power Chronicles – James Phillips and Nelson Stevens

Topper Carrew

E. Ethelbert Miller

Milton Coleman

Roy Lewis

Dr. Irving and Elvira Williams

Bob Brown

The Black Freedom Movement Then and Now: Organizing Traditions

Gaynelle Henderson

Evangeline J. Montgomery