Collaborators and Supporters

African-American Civil War Museum:
Dr. Frank Smith, CEO; Edwin Gassaway, production coordinator; Dawn Chitty, education director.  The museum has been BPC’s home base for nearly all of our public programs, dinners, awards ceremonies, and meetings. In addition, museum staff provided production and staging services for the BPC public programs component.

UDC-TV cable television station:
Under the leadership of Ed Jones and Cheryl Hawkins. This collaboration was extremely important to our oral history interviews in 2017. UDC-TV committed real resources including the free use studio space to complete the interviews. The cash value of this in-kind donation is $42,000.

Howard University Department of Afro-American Studies:
Dr. Greg Carr, chair; Dr. Joshua Myers, associate professor. The Department has provided scholarly guidance, process development, and hands-on assistance with BPC’s oral history and public programs components.

Kwame Ture Society:
A student organization at Howard University, has joined us as volunteers for all of the working committees. In addition, they have brought students to the public programs and participated in those programs. Finally, they volunteered to help staff the Children’s Arts Festival.

Teaching for Change:
Conducted a joint meeting with BPC to introduce our program to teachers in their network who are interested in presenting material on the Black Power Movement to their students.

WPFW 89.3 FM Pacifica Radio:
Has been a stalwart BPC supporter, providing pre-production and production services for our public forum on the June 16Th commemoration of the Call for Black Power. In addition, members from our committees have been interviewed on-air by radio programmers. WPFW programmers have also provided us with web design assistance.


Chris Heron, for the design of the Black Power logos

Ed Jones and Cheryl Hawkins—UDC cable

Frank Smith, Edwin Gassaway, and Dawn Chitty—African American Civil Rights Museum

Kate Stitt, Askia Muhammad, and Sue Goodwin—WPFW Radio

Larry Rubin, SNCC Legacy Project Treasurer

Hazel l. Moss, SNCC Legacy Project Accountant

Kimberly Elliott Johnson, SNCC Legacy Project Communications

Louis Hicks, Grants Administrator, Humanities DC

Barbara Marshall Bailey, Thomas Blanton, and Dianne Green, for their assistance with outreach to the Texas Black Power veterans

Norah Burns, for archival management information and advice

Mommies TLC Collective

Special thanks to Deidre Gantt

Special thanks to Luci Murphy

Special thanks to Sylvia Hill

Special thanks to K. Brisbane

Special thanks to Charles E. “Buddy” Cobb


Black Power Chronicles Co-Chairs:  Karen Spellman, Courtland Cox

Deidre Gantt, Website Editor

Patrik Douša, Website Developer

Simone Ruiz, Website Development Specialist

Robert Roots, Specialize Website Designer

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